Conquering Cancer

Through Faith In Christ

In all these things (including cancer)...
we are more than conquerors.
Romans 8:37
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Remember when I asked you, Alphie-
What's it all about?
Well, you didn't know then and you don't know now.

So I'm going to sing you the answer, Alphie-
A song to the point and clear,
A song to calm your fears,
A song to remind He's near-
And wants so much for you to hear...

That love, Alphie, and relationships are the answer.
It's what it's all about-
So you needn't ever pout-
But from your roof top you can shout-
Love 'n relationship's the answer.

It starts with the Father 'n Son
And it's meant for everyone-
For widows and orphans too
For people like me 'n you.

And it's not love that's just physical,
Or emotional,
But it is a love that's unconditional
And oh so intentional
Directed toward me and you.

It's a love that's found in relationships,
Jesus and His Father, Jesus and you,
For mothers and the unborn too-
A love that's holy and true-
A love that's perfect and pure-
A love that'll always endure-
A love that is meant to share
That we never dispair
This love for me and you..Alphie.

It's also love we're to enjoy,
Ya, ev'ry girl 'n ev'ry boy,
A love that grows
And lets us know
That it's our's this wondrous love
The love that comes from up above.

O Alphie, may this prayer
Of love to God we share,
Dear Father, up above-
Teach us how to love-
As you send your holy Dove,
In Jesus Name we pray,