Conquering Cancer

Through Faith In Christ

In all these things (including cancer)...
we are more than conquerors.
Romans 8:37
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40 Days For Life

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The 2nd Lord's Prayer

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My Sweet Lord

-----40 DAYS FOR LIFE-----

40 Days for Life, we come before, our Lord on bended knee,
To pray for those who cannot speak, in low humility.
We're reminded of the 40 days, our Lord did send the rain,
To cleanse the earth of grievous sin, and start all o'er again.

'Twas 40 days Elijah went, without a bite to eat,
To the mount of God, he traversed hard, near dead from desert heat.
Not in the wind, nor fire, nor quake, could the voice of God be heard,
'Cept in a whisp, a still small voice, came forth God's Holy Word.

Still small voices speak today, their cries we clearly hear,
That we should speak on their behalf, and life most precious, dear.
Like the blood of righteous Abel, that cried from 'neath the ground,
The blood of countless unborn cry, a very likewise sound.

Twice went Moses up God's mount, and 40 days stayed he,
And down he came, God's Law in hand, to set His people free.
And 40 days the spies did take, to spy the Promised Land,
Aft 40 years of wandering, still led by God's right hand.

For 40 days our Lord did fast, as He the Tempter faced,
Twas with the Word of God He won, remaining ever chaste.
His Word remains our strength today, our spiritual sword of might,
Behind Him and His Word we go, this battle for to fight.

For forty days we seek God's will, that all would now choose life,
And live according to His Word, apart from sin's sad strife,
Help us Lord, these 40 days, to speak for those who can't,
And as a nation, forgive us, and a new heart implant.