Conquering Cancer

Through Faith In Christ

In all these things (including cancer)...
we are more than conquerors.
Romans 8:37
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Spiritual Frontlets

A frontlet is something taken from the Old Testament. Some OT believers would literally tie little boxes called 'frontlets' around their foreheads. "Therefore you should lay up these words in your heart and in your soul...may they be as frontlets between your eyes." Deut.11:18 Inside these boxes were reminders; mostly scripture readings and/or things to remind them of God. These devotions are based on this coming week's scripture readings and are intended to both remind you of God, receive the blessing of His Word (for it never returns void-Isaiah 55:11) and prepare your heart and mind for this, His Word for this Sunday.

Devotions for the Week

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Old Testament (or 1st) Reading and Frontlet

Epistle Reading and Frontlet

Gospel Reading and Frontlet

3rd Sun. After Pentecost-Old Testament
TEXT: Isaiah 65:1-9
TITLE: I Never Asked For This!

"I was revealed to those who did not ask for Me, I was found by those who did not seek Me. Isaiah 65:1

In the game of Monopoly, landing on 'Chance' or 'Community Chest' can either be good or bad. For example, bad-"Go directly to jail!! Do not pass 'Go.' Do not collect $200." Or, good-"Bank error in your favor, collect $100." On the one hand, life can sometimes be a lot like landing on those two spots. We land upon bad; things like natural disasters, health problems, or problems in general. One response: "I never asked for this!" Such is you and I as a result of sin in our lives! Or, on the other hand, we can land upon good; things such as good health, successes, favorable weather, etc. One response: "Thanks Lord, it's just what I asked for!" But that's not to say all good fortune is a product of our goodness! Rather, it is a product of God's grace!

Fact is, there's a lot of good things we receive for which we've never asked! And...they all fall under the heading of God's love; Jesus and the cross being first on the list! By faith (something we never asked for either!), we come to know that every good and perfect gift we have, spiritual or otherwise, comes from God. Thus, a common response for Christians for all this good: "Praise God" and/or "Thank you, Lord!" But rarely do we respond that way when we land on things like cancer, broken or lost relationships. Still, we trust God will work even our bad 'Chance' landings into good! And, even though we may never ask for the bad, we can respond; "Thank you, Lord!" and "Praise God!"

Dear Heavenly Father, I thank and praise you for giving me a faith that trusts You are working all things for good, including the bad and all those things which I never ask You for, in Jesus Name, Amen.