Conquering Cancer

Through Faith In Christ

In all these things (including cancer)...
we are more than conquerors.
Romans 8:37
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Spiritual Frontlets

A frontlet is something taken from the Old Testament. Some OT believers would literally tie little boxes called 'frontlets' around their foreheads. "Therefore you should lay up these words in your heart and in your soul...may they be as frontlets between your eyes." Deut.11:18 Inside these boxes were reminders; mostly scripture readings and/or things to remind them of God. These devotions are based on this coming week's scripture readings and are intended to both remind you of God, receive the blessing of His Word (for it never returns void-Isaiah 55:11) and prepare your heart and mind for this, His Word for this Sunday.

Devotions for the Week

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Old Testament (or 1st) Reading and Frontlet

Epistle Reading and Frontlet

Gospel Reading and Frontlet

TEXT: Matt.5:21-37
TITLE: This Side of the Line

"Do not murder...anyone angry with his brother will be subject to the judgment" Matt.5:21

An old Cher song of the sixties went, "Bang, Bang, he shot me down, bang, bang, I hit the ground, bang, bang, my Baby shot me down." There are many ways we can shoot down those we love. Anger is one! Jesus compares anger to murder. He warns us of its serious consequences. Yet, how easy it is for us to get angry! Someone cuts us off in traffic, or makes a meal not quite to our liking, or we say something bad or nothing at all to a loved one, anger can rear its ugly head and 'BANG.'

The Bible also says, "Be angry, but do not sin." In other words, all anger isn't necessarily sinful. We recognize there's a fine line between righteous anger and anger that crosses that fine line. By nature, we're reactive. When that natural reactive part of us flares up, we need special awareness and help. God has promised such help by and through His Holy Spirit. His spiritual gifts of patience and self control help us stay on the right side of the line. True, at times we've all cross that line yet, God in His mercy, has provides us forgiveness and a power to help us live in peace with one another. Life is good on God's side of the line!

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for Your Holy Spirit in helping discern right from wrong. Help us also to discern and master our anger, in Jesus Name, Amen.